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Bicycle Tours
Cathy and I take lots of "little" 2 or 3-day trips in the Washington area (MD Eastern Shore, Virginia, PA Amish country, etc). (23 pictures)
2008 Quebec Canada
Cathy and George visited daughter May and her husband and her daughter in Geneva, NY where May is a professor at Hobart-William Smith University. (22 pictures)
2006: Wisconsin/Michigan
Several trails in Madison, Milwaukee, and the Lake Michigan shore of Michigan (13 pictures)
2006: Mickelson Trail
The Mickelson is about 109 miles in South Dakota. (16 pictures)
2006: Katy Trail
The Katy is the longest rail-trail in the country -- about 260 miles. In July 2006 it was also the hottest! (21 pictures)
2005: Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc
Cathy & George took their bikes out to the great rail-trails of the midwest. (44 pictures)
2004: Arctic Circle Tour: Finland (Napapiiri)
We took the BikeFridays to Helsinki and made our way all the way up to Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle ("Napapiiri" in Finnish). We took ferries and trains too but pedalled about 750 kilometers (500 miles). Finland is ideal for bicycle touring. There are excellent bike route guides and maps, dedicated "bicycle roads" between many cities and inside virtually all towns and cities. Drivers are courteous, Daylight lasts a loooong time (in summer) and the country is virtually flat. Now that I'm over 60 we stay in hotels -- no more camping. (41 pictures)
2003: Maine
Cathy and George took a trip to Maine. Not a real "bike tour" but we did manage to squeeze in lots of riding between visits to friends and family. (33 pictures)
2002: Prince Edward Island
Bike trip thru Prince Edward Island, Canada June, 2002. Beautiful island. (40 pictures)
2001: Spanish Rail-Trails (Vias Verdes)
Spain has instituted an effort to convert abandoned railways to trails and has published a pair of detailed guidebooks describing them. (35 pictures)
2000: Virginia -- Skyline Drive
George and his buddy Terry Lacney played hooky one day in the Virginia mountains. (6 pictures)
2000: Virginia -- New River
Another Cathy and George trip -- this time with the folding Bike Fridays (12 pictures)
2000: North Carolina
George and Mark took a long weekend tour of southern NC, from the SC border to Raleigh (13 pictures)
2000: Netherlands
Another Cathy and George trip -- this time with the folding Bike Fridays in 2000 (44 pictures)
2000: California -- American River
Dennis Hyde, his daughter Kelly, Cathy and George took a day trip on the trail at Christmas 2000. It runs from Sacramento to Folsom Lake, near the famous prison. (9 pictures)
1999: Around Lake Ontario
Cathy and George circumnavigated one of the Great Lakes in 1999. We began in Rochester, NY and went around clockwise, with a side trip up to Niagara Falls. (9 pictures)
1998: Florida to Raleigh
George's thousand mile solo bike trip. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single revolution." (30 pictures)
1997: France -- Loire Valley
Another Cathy and George trip -- this time with the folding Bike Fridays (18 pictures)
1996: Washington State -- San Juan Islands
Cathy, George and the girls (Ann, Isabel and May Summer) did a tour of these northwest islands on the occasion of May's graduation from Evergreen State College in Olympia (12 pictures)
1994: California -- Wine Country
Another Cathy and George trip -- this time with standard bikes. Lots of wine tasting and nostalgic visits to Synanon sites. (1 pictures)
1993: France -- Dordogne
Cathy and George had a short honeymoon on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and then a longer one in the form of a bike trip around the Dordogne area of France. Somewhat more rain than would have been ideal, but a great trip, nevertheless. (6 pictures)
1992: Virginia -- Williamsburg
One of Cathy and George's early trips. (2 pictures)
1991: Long Island, NY
George and the girls (Ann, Isabel and May Summer) did a tour of Eastern LI (2 pictures)
1985: France -- Brittany
Ann and George took this trip while Ann was studying in England. They visited lots of ancient stone circles, "menhirs" and "dolmens" in France and the UK, ending up at Stonehenge itself. (6 pictures)
1984: Virginia -- Blue Ridge Parkway
George and the children took a five day trip in the mountains from Front Royal, VA to Tennessee. (13 pictures)

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